New beginnings

Get off to the perfect start

Moving to London should feel exciting. But we know it can feel daunting. We take all the stresses and strains away, leaving you free to settle in. It starts with a visit to your current residence to discuss your needs and get to know your requirements. Our team will then help you choose the ideal location for your UK home or homes, and help you find the perfect property. We will coordinate with you, your family and your staff to ensure you only see properties that meet your requirements.

Once you’ve chosen your new home, we will take care of everything, from your travel arrangements, to shipping your belongings and art collection. From finding the right schools and tutors for your children, to hiring any new staff members you might need. We will ensure your new home is decorated to your exacting standards, before carefully unpacking your belongings. We will work closely with your staff to ensure your move and arrival are as smooth and simple as possible.

Our aim is that your new home feels like home from the moment you arrive, right down to stocking the fridge with all your favorite foods, and having your child’s uniform pressed and ready for school.

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Surpassing your expectations

Preparing for our client’s Easter arrival by deep-cleaning her London home, arranging the gardeners and florists, anticipating all procurement needed from her favorite tea to a signature candle, to ensure her home feels like home. In addition, we are interviewing temporary nannies for her two youngest, appointing a private tutor for her special-needs child, confirming her appointment with her Harley Street dermatologist, and arranging any other reservations she may need for her three week stay.

Planning a client’s 70th birthday, celebrated with cherished family members on a private yacht touring the Balearic islands. Our brief is simple: to create long lasting memories. Amongst many we have planned a candle lit birthday dinner on a secluded beach, sunrise yoga on the deck, champagne dinner under the stars, massages after a day spent ashore cycling through a historical town with a guide, ensuring the adrenaline junkies are kept happy jumping off sea cliffs and scuba diving... Not forgetting the surprise bespoke espadrilles made and waiting for each guest in their cabin on arrival.

Finding a new Mayfair home for a Middle Eastern family. Liaising with the property management agency for the check-in, the AV company for all TV, sound and lighting systems’ needs, the home security company, the interior designers to design and source the furniture and soft furnishings from the playroom to the master bedroom. Arranging a meticulous set-up of the family home, down to the pressed and hung clothes in each wardrobe, family photos on display, the beds made, the towels clean and folded in each bathroom, and the slippers next to the bed.